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Youtuber causes South Korean restaurant to close down after false review

A South Korean Youtuber is under fire after his false review of a restaurant forced the restaurant to close down. HayanTree is a food vlogger who posted a video to his 700,000 subscribers in which he implied that a restaurant was reusing food, reports The Korea Herald. But it turned out to be false and the restaurant had security footage backing them up.

On December 7th, HayanTree uploaded a video review on his Youtube page of an all-you-can-eat soy sauce marinated crab restaurant in Daegu, South Korea. In the video, he showed his refilled marinated crab dish with grains of rice in it and suggested that the restaurant reused their food. The video went viral and got 1 million views and the restaurant was attacked online.

But the accusation turned out to be false. The owner checked the restaurant’s security video and found that the rice actually came from HayanTree’s previous dish. HayanTree deleted the video and uploaded an apology video explaining what happened. He said he went back to the owner of the restaurant to apologize but the owner didn’t want to be filmed.

“I went to apologize to the owner of the restaurant for creating the video without thinking about my impact, but the owner did not feel comfortable about filming another video,” HayanTree said. “I should have gone about making the video with accurate facts and I am truly sorry for my ignorance.”

The apology came a little too late because the restaurant had to close down due to the negative press. The owner said his employees tried to leave comments explaining what actually happened but their messages were blocked. He is now calling on the government to regulate Youtubers who abuse their powers.

“In less than two to three hours after the Youtuber posted the video, our staff members left the restaurant’s explanation multiple times that we do not reuse our food and we could provide the entire footage from the security camera,” the owner said. “But our comments got blocked so other people could not see them.

“When the Youtuber came to film again, we were already shut down. I am really frustrated and want to know if it is possible to prevent Youtubers’ abuse and tyranny, which is scarier than the coronavirus, and I am petitioning for laws and regulations so that self-employed people can comfortably focus on their business.”

Now HayanTree is on the receiving end of the online backlash. He has set his social media accounts to private and turned off commenting on his Youtube page. Additionally, his subscriber base went down from 700,000 to 645,000.

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