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Youtube competitive eater kicked out and cursed out of Colorado restaurant for wanting to partake in eating challenge

A Youtube competitive eater wanted to do the 28″ pizza challenge at “Stev0’s Pizza n Ribs” in Aurora, Colorado but was rudely denied by the owner, reports ABC 7 Denver. According to the influencer Raina Huang, she was denied the challenge because she’s a competitive eater. But what made things worse according to Huang was that the owner Steve Wieand cursed her out.

The 28″ pizza challenge requires two people to finish the massive amount of pizza in one hour. If they finish the pizza they get $100. There are no rules that dictate competitive eaters can’t take part in the challenge.

raina huang at StevO’s Pizza n Ribs
Denver 7 News

After Huang ordered the pizza, she asked the owner if she can record herself eating the pizza. In response, the owner asked Huang if she did any kind of competitive eating. She said she has done a few food challenges but denied she was a professional competitive eater.

“I’m not a professional eater because I’m not part of the professional eating league, and I don’t compete the Nathan’s Hot Dog [Eating Contest],” Huang said.

Huang said that’s when the owner accused her of trying to scam the place and called her explicit names before kicking her out.

“He called me a dirty (explicit) straight to my face,” Huang said on her Instagram live. “I was like ‘why are you thinking I’m here to scam people. I’ve never had a restaurant experience this bad. I was just here to do a pizza challenge. I don’t understand.”

After Raina Huang posted her experience online, many bombed the restaurant’s Yelp page with negative reviews and started cyberbullying the owner’s daughter Stephanie Wieand online. Stephanie works at the restaurant and witnessed the confrontation between her father and Raina Huang. She said she felt Huang was downplaying and lying about her food challenges but she issued an apology.

“I think that it could have been handled better,” she said. “All I want to say is that I apologize to Raina and to everyone.”

Her father did not release a statement, but Stephanie said her father felt “bad” about the incident.

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