nomura satoru
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Yakuza boss sentenced to death – first time in Japan

The head of the Kudo-kai syndicate in Japan, Nomura Satoru was sentenced to death on Tuesday by hanging, reports the BBC. The 74-year-old Yakuza boss told the presiding judge Adachi Ben, “I asked for a fair decision … You will regret this for the rest of your life,” after he was sentenced. This is the first time in Japan a Yakuza senior member has been sentenced to death.

Satoru was found guilty of ordering four assaults by Kudo-kai members between 1998 and 2014 in which one of the victims was killed. The murdered victim was the head of a fishing cooperative and he was shot to death. The three other victims included a police officer, a dentist, and a nurse, who were assaulted with a gun or knife. Satoru denied any involvement and there was no direct evidence linking him to the crimes. However, prosecutors said Satoru was responsible because he had absolute command over his gang.

Satoru’s lawyer plans to appeal the verdict.

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