chen shu balancing a lipstick on her collarbone
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Women are doing the lipstick collarbone challenge to show off how skinny they are

Another day, another viral challenge as bored people find things to do online. The latest trend was started in China by actress Chen Shu who wanted to show off her collarbones and how skinny she was. According to the Daily Mail, Chen uploaded a selfie to her Weibo of her holding a lipstick with her collarbone. And the lipstick challenge was created.

“New skill unlocked! Come and try this challenge with me,” she wrote.

woman with lipstick on her collarbone

The challenge took off and it has over 200 million hits in just 24 hours. Thousands of women posted selfies of themselves balancing lipstick on their collarbones to show off how skinny they were. Having prominent collarbones is a sign of beauty and skinniness so why not show it off.

Woman with lipstick on her collarbone

But it didn’t end there as the lipstick challenge morphed into the coin challenge. This challenge required girls to put as many coins on their collarbones to see if they needed to lose weight. The more coins you can balance the better your figure. One Chinese actress Lv Jiarong balanced eighty coins on both her collarbones.

woman with stack of coins on her collarbone

These two challenges aren’t the first time women flocked to social media to show off how skinny they are. In the past, there was the “belly button challenge” where women wrapped their arms around the back and touched their navel to show off their figure.

woman with hand wrapped around her waist touching her navel

Another challenge was the “earphone challenge” where the person wrapped earphones around their waist to prove their skinniness, reports Gulf News.

woman with earphone wrapped around her waist
Twitter/Gulf News

So there it is. If you’re in doubt about how fit you are, just do any of these challenges. And if you can’t do any, it might be best to hit the gym.

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