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Woman accuses owner of Cafe Tapioca of racism and throwing drink at her but video shows otherwise

A woman falsely accused the owner of Cafe Tapioca in Hercules, California, of all kinds of nasty things which resulted in his business being hit with a mountain of negative reviews on Yelp. Jessica Breaux went on social media and blasted the owner Tony Li for being racist and throwing a drink at her while she was holding her baby. However, surveillance video from the store suggests otherwise.

Breaux started her post with “Never will I patronize this place again” before recalling what happened at Cafe Tapioca. Besides saying the owner threw a drink at her and her baby, she even made up that another customer came to her defense because Tony was yelling at her. She even said she filed a report with the Hercules PD but they couldn’t do anything.

“There was 1 other guy there and hes like wait a minute you don’t have to talk to her like that and the yelling isn’t necessary either. (This is coming from an older guy that looks like hes just as nice as santa clause could pass for him as well. Lol),” she wrote. “The owner is still yelling. I step back from what is now a shouting match between the two.

“I placed the drink in the counter and said id like my money back. the owner goes berserk yelling and screaming name calling me talking about black people and saying he can do what he wants because hes the owner.

“The white guy is beet red and is like your not gonna yell at me. At this point im like please just give me my money back so i can leave. The owner threw the drink at me. Yes I said it. He threw the drink at me…”

Surveillance video of the incident was released and although it doesn’t have audio, it showed that first she didn’t have a baby with her. Second, he didn’t throw the drink at her, and third the white guy stood in the corner of the store and was not involved in the incident.

Apparently what really happened was there was some kind of mix-up with the drink she ordered. According to Instagram account jjaylen.reyes, the woman didn’t get what she ordered because the owner of the store got confused due to his English proficiency. She apparently wanted a slushy but got a milkshake instead which caused the argument to break out.

After the initial backlash against the store, word got out that Jessica Breaux made the whole thing up which caused her to go private on social media. But Cafe Tapioca is still suffering because many people believe the owner is racist. A Gofundme has been started to support the business and the owner.

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