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Will Andrew Yang be the next Mayor of New York City?

Many wondered what UBI guy Andrew Yang would do after he dropped out of the Democratic Presidential race. He got a job on CNN, started his podcast, but the YangGang wanted to know his political ambitions. Yang helped President-Elect Joe Biden get votes and even temporarily moved to Georgia to help the Democratic nominees in the run-offs. Now, the New York Times is reporting that Andrew Yang has been telling New York leaders he plans on running for Mayor of New York City next year. However, when asked if he planned to he didn’t quite answer the question.

“I’m thrilled that people seem excited about my doing what I can do to help, but no, right now I’m focused on these Senate races in Georgia,” he said.

Yang has already spoken to New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, Representative Grace Meng, and plans to meet with Reverand Al Sharpton when he comes back from Georgia. He also hired political strategists Bradley Tusk and Chris Coffey who helped Michael Bloomberg win the mayoral election in New York City.

Yang had no history in politics prior to running for President of the United States earlier this year. But he amassed a large following and raised a lot of money with his policies which included a Universal Basic Income plan to give every United States citizens a thousand dollars a month. If he actually ran for mayor he would only be the second Asian American to run for that spot.

Yang will likely face a crowded field of people who wants to be the future mayor of New York City. Although nobody has officially come out and stated that they plan to run, several names have been tossed around including Raymond McGuire, Maya Wiley, Eric Adams, and Scott Stringer.

Whoever wins, the candidate will replace Bill de Blasio the current mayor who will leave office because of term limits.

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