ace alterations in Utah hate crime suspect

Utah store employee racially berated by customer

An unnamed man is accused of racially berating an Ace Alterations employee due to language barrier difficulties, reports ABC 4. The incident occurred yesterday at Ace Alterations near 1300 E. and Fort Union in Cottonwood Heights in Utah. The man went into the business and asked Kim to fix the buttons on his shirt, according to an eyewitness Michael.

Kim didn’t understand and asked the man to repeat his request. But that’s when the man allegedly started berating her, according to Michael.

“And instead of being like a normal decent human repeating it, he just immediately turned on her and starts berating her asking why she can’t speak good English, what she is doing, why is she here, racial slurs, other swear words, stuff I’m not going to repeat,” Michael said.

Michael told the man that he didn’t have to be a jerk and the man allegedly blew up on him.

“I turned and looked at him and we made eye contact, and he looked at me like he smiled like he wanted me to join in with him and agree with him, and he didn’t get that from me,” Michael said. “Instead, I said you don’t have to be a jerk, is how I’ll put it, and that set him off against me immediately…

“Because I’ve never seen anything even close to this level. You could tangibly feel the hate.”

Michael told the man to leave and he did but he came back into the store and told him “Hope that car you pulled in with has air in your car when you leave (bleep)” before leaving once again.

Police identified the man but have not released his name. Officials told ABC 4 that he admitted to his crimes. Police are looking at bringing disorderly conduct and hate crime charges against him.

Kim is physically okay but she said she’s still shaken by the incident.

“My inside, still scary,” she said.

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