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US State Department official, Mina Chang created fake Time profile and lied on resume allegedly

A senior Trump administration official has been called out by NBC for fluffing up her resume to make herself look way more impressive than she actually is. Mina Chang, 35, works as the deputy assistant’s secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stability Operations. Her job requires her to oversee and prevent conflicts from breaking out in unstable countries around the world. However, it seems that she fudged her resume to get into that position in April. So here are some of Mina Chang’s embellishments according to NBC.

Mina Chang said that she was the CEO of a nonprofit organization, “Linking the World.” She said that her nonprofit was in dozens in countries and had an impact on thousands of people. But her nonprofit has no record of overseas projects and has a budget of less than $300,000.

In an interview with Global Outlook hosted by Mary Sit, the two talked about her nonprofit and how Chang landed on the cover of Time magazine.

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Here you are on Time magazine, congratulations!” the host said. “Tell me about this cover and how it came to be?”

“Well, we started using drone technology in disaster response and so that was when the whole talk of how is technology being used to save lives in disaster response scenarios, I suppose I brought some attention to that,” Chang replied.

Great, except Chang never was on an official Time cover. The interviewer told NBC that Chang brought the photoshopped cover with her to the interview. Additionally, Kristin Matzen, a Time magazine spokesperson said that the cover was “not authentic.”

Mina Chang also made up a role at a U.N panel but there is no evidence she was part of the panel.

Her biography also states that she is an “alumna” of Harvard Business School. However, according to Harvard, she only attended a seven-week course in 2016 and did not earn a degree. She might not have a degree from Harvard but she definitely has a cap from the school.

Chang also said that she was a “graduate” of a program from the Army War College. Technically, this is true because the “program” was a four-day seminar on national security.

This Korean American woman from Dallas led quite the life. On her Instagram page, there are pictures of her all around the world and with global leaders General David Petraeus, Bill Clinton, Karl Rove, and many other politicians.

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Chang was being considered for an even bigger position as the U.S. Agency for International Development’s work in Asia which oversaw a budget of $1 billion. But her nomination was pulled after the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations asked for more documents from her past.

Before she became the CEO of her nonprofit, she aspired to be a singer, according to the Heavy. A Dallas Observer article stated that “she had a flourishing career as an international pop singer, recording albums in both English and Korean.” She told the newspaper that she was about to re-sign with her record label in 2010 but decided not to because the Haiti earthquake hit and she was needed there.

God bless this woman!

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