ron tuason

US Military veteran assaulted in Bay Area

A 56-year-old military veteran was assaulted in San Francisco on March 13 in Park Merced. According to 48 Hills, Ron Tuason had just finished up grocery shopping and was waiting for the bus at Plymouth and Ocean when a man came up to him, yelled racial insults, and assaulted him.

“Go back where you came from,” the suspect said. “You caused these problems. Do you want to get hurt? You’re not a veteran I’m a veteran.”

Tuason was wearing a “Veteran” hat with the American flag on it at the time. He was also using a cane to walk and was carrying a grocery bag. He tried to deescalate the situation but the man punched him multiple times in the head.

Bystanders intervened and called the police. The authorities arrived and arrested the suspect who was across the street. Tuason was checked out by paramedics and was released where he went home and had some soup and rest.

Ron Tuason is of Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish descent. He served in the US Army in the 1980s in Germany as a combat engineer.

SFPD arrested 53-year-old Victor Brown for assault and battery with a hate crime enhancement, reports KPIX. He had three warrants out for his arrest.

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