university of maryland freshman stats

University of Maryland groups Asian students with Whites upsetting people

The University of Maryland is catching some flack for their grouping of Asians with Whites, reports the Washington Examiner. A picture of the school’s “New Freshmen Admission and Enrollment” statistics from 2017 – 2021 went viral for listing Asians as Students of Color but discounting them from that category. Asians were instead lumped in with Whites.

“Students of Color, minus Asian,” one category said.

“White or Asian Students,” another category said.

People were upset and expressed their displeasure over social media. In response, the University explained to the Washington Examiner that the data was meant to reflect underrepresented student populations.

“During his annual State of the Campus address, President Pines shared information about the demographics of the freshman class, including information about the diversity of the class,” the statement said. “The data in this specific section of the slide refers to student populations that are considered underrepresented on our campus.”

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