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University of Alberta International student punched and stabbed

A Chinese University of Alberta international student was punched and stabbed at the University LRT station on Saturday around 9:30 pm. According to Global News, the police arrested 30-year-old David Durocher in connection to the crime.

The victim who wished to remain unnamed said he exited the train at the University station and a man followed him and started to verbally harass him while a security guard was nearby. According to the victim, the suspect then punched him in the face and stabbed him in the arm with a knife.

“When I got punched in the face and got attacked by the knife, the guy who attacked me also got scared, so he escaped from the University escalators,” the victim said.

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City News Edmonton

What made things worse was that no one helped the victim and even prevented him from getting back on the train.

“I wanted to get back (on) the train, but a group of people stopped other passengers saying, ‘it’s his problem,'” the victim recalled. “People stopped me getting on the train and they stopped others from getting off the train to help me, even though the (person) who attacked me already left.

“The bystanders also hurt me because it made me not trust the community anymore.”

The victim called the police after making his way to an emergency button on the platform. An ambulance arrived around 15 to 20 minutes later and treated the victim.

The victim doesn’t believe the attack was racially motivated. He said he will not be riding the train anymore but wants it to be a safe place for others so he’s asking the station to beef up their security.

The suspect was arrested shortly after near University Avenue and 114 Street.

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