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Uncle Roger apologizes for video with fellow Youtuber who criticized China

Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng or better known as “Uncle Roger” found himself deleting and apologizing for a video he made. Ng uploaded a video called “Uncle Roger Review Ugliest Dumpling Ever” to his channel which featured Youtuber Mike Chen of the “Strictly Dumplings” channel. In the video, the two criticized a dumpling recipe but Ng received swift backlash from pro-China people for the collaboration because Mike Chen has been critical of the Chinese government, reports The Hong Kong Free Press.

Consequently, Ng deleted the video and issued an apology for his collaboration. He said he took the video down because of the “bad social impact” and that he
wasn’t aware of his(Mike Chen) political thoughts and his past incorrect remarks about China.”

“My staff and I would like to express our sincerest apologies to everyone,” he wrote. “Considering the seriousness of this issue and the negative impact of the video itself, we discussed internally and decided to take it down from all platforms. At the same time, I urge everyone to please stop reposting content related to it.

“During the process of working with the content-creator, I wasn’t aware of his political thoughts and the past incorrect remarks about China. This is my negligence, and I will be more careful when I make content in the future.

“As an Asian who grew up in Malaysia, I love Chinese culture, which is why I started my channel… I hope you can give Uncle Roger, who has just entered China, a chance to improve!”

Mike Chen has been vocal about his criticism of the Chinese Communist government’s role in the Hong Kong protests, the treatment of Uighur minorities, and Tiananmen Square.

Many people were not happy with Uncle Roger‘s stance. They said he was selling out his integrity to pander to his pro-China fans.

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