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Southend on Sea Borough Council/Echo

UK Tory Councillor called out for liking racist comment

A United Kingdom Tory Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Southend on Sea, Mark Flewitt was called out for liking a racist comment. According to Resonate, Flewitt posted a news story on his Facebook account about the Chinese company Huawei and a person commented “you can’t trust these with sweet and sour dog, let alone national security.” Flewitt liked the comment and was consequently called out by Labour councillor Matt Dent.

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Dent said on Facebook he issued a complaint for the inappropriate action.

“…given that Southend has a well-established East Asian community and that as Deputy Mayor is a figurehead of our town and of the Council, I judged that this was inappropriate and put in a complaint,” Dent wrote. “I want to stress this: the only thing I asked for was for Cllr Flewitt to apologise and indicate that he understood why this was problematic.”

Flewitt said he simply liked a comment that he didn’t consider racist but “satirical.” He said the complaint was politically motivated and that people were too easily offended.

“The complaint was politically motivated,” Flewitt said. “It would have cost the council thousands to hire the barrister. People get offended about everything.”

According to Echo News, an independent barrister found Mark Flewitt “irresponsible” but not necessarily racist. It is unclear if the council will take action.

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