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Two suspects who allegedly robbed elderly San Francisco couple of life savings arrested

Police arrested two men who allegedly robbed an elderly San Francisco couple of their life savings in a home burglary. The arrests come nearly six months after the incident took place. ABC San Francisco reporter Dion Lim said the two men arrested were Jonathan Pulliam and Dajuan Menifee, both 22-years-old.

In July, an elderly Chinese couple had their Crocker Amazon, San Francisco home robbed when they were not home. The elderly couple kept their money in a safe because they didn’t trust the banking system. The couple worked for 35 years in construction and housekeeping to save up that money that was stolen by the thieves.

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“They took everything from it,” the couple’s son, Simon Zhong told ABC 7 News.

The couple immigrated from China to the United States on borrowed money to ensure a better future for their family. They worked everyday to put their three children through college.

After the surveillance video of the robbery went public, many other people came forward and said they were also victimized by people who looked like the suspects. A police officer who didn’t want to be named said Asian families were targeted because they have cash in their homes.

“We’re taught to be frugal and to work hard,” Zhong said. “The way you broke into the home and did this, you aren’t dumb. You put in a lot of hard work to do this. You make it so that we have to be scared. Asians have to be scared that’s not fair for us to be scared.”

According to CBS News San Francisco, Pulliam was arrested on November 5th while Menifee was arrested on December 18th in Atlanta, Georgia. The two suspects have been charged with burglary, attempted burglary, and grand theft. Pulliam also faces a charge of possessing a loaded firearm in a vehicle, a felon in possession of a firearm, and parole revocation.

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