oakland chinatown robbery of two elderly asian women

Two Asian women violently robbed in Chinatown, Oakland

A mother and daughter were violently robbed on Friday in Chinatown, Oakland, reports CBS San Francisco News. The incident occurred on Harrison and 9th Streets when three men jumped out of a Lexus and assaulted and robbed two Chinese women. Victim Aiwon Woo who is in her 80s said the robbers hit her and her daughter repeatedly in the head until they fell to the ground. The robbers then stole their purses.

The daughter suffered from a cut on her hand while her mother injured her knees.

The two said the Lexus had no license plates.

Police said the robbers matched the description of a crew that was involved in other robberies in the area.

The day before on the same block an Asian man in his 50s was robbed while a good samaritan was pistol-whipped.

Chinatown police officer Mae Phu said they are doing everything they can but they are stretched thin due to the increase in crimes.

“We have an increase of about 53% of robberies throughout the whole city. And we also have an increase of 91% of carjackings. So a lot of our resources are going to every single thing we can,” Phu said.

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