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Two Asian women struck by car and killed in Lakewood, California

Two 24-year-old Asian women were struck by a car and killed in Lakewood, California, reports Asian Feed who cited World Journal. The two women have been identified as Christine Yan and Isabelle Zhang. The incident occurred on March 12th at the intersection of Bloomfield Road and Lemming Street around 8:30 pm, according to one of the victim’s aunt.

According to the police, the driver struck the victims and stopped and called for help, reports CBS News Los Angeles. The two friends were walking to a family member’s house when the accident occurred. Isabelle was pronounced dead at the scene and Christine was taken to the hospital where she passed away from her injuries.

Both victims were only childs.

Isabelle Zhang was married for nearly six years to her college sweetheart. She came to the United States to study.

Christine Yan lived with her cousin and was described as “sweet, gentle, and caring” by her cousin.

A Gofundme has been set up to pay for Christine’s funeral expenses. The gofundme said Christine recently graduated from Oregon State University and had become a U.S. citizen last year. The money from the gofundme will pay for her parents to fly to America to pick up Christine’s body and return it to her birthplace of China.

Some people said the interaction they were struck at is dangerous. A petition has been started to make the City of Lakewood put up a traffic signal or pedestrian warning device.


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