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“Trophy Club Bar & Grill” called out for racist sign

The “Trophy Club Bar & Grill” in Medford, Oregon seems to be proud of its racist sign, reports the Rogue Free Press. The bar located at 812 S. Central Ave has an electronic sign outside that says “CHINA VIRUS HRS.” Ken Narasaki saw the sign and was “angered and shocked.” He thought about going inside to speak with the owner but thought better of it because he “realized it could spiral out of control and there would be problems.”

So he went home and phoned the business. However, a female employee picked up and hung up on him when he said the sign was racist. He called again and a man answered but Naraski said the man started mocking him in a terrible Asian accent.

“The guy used a terrible Asian accent and said, ‘Hong Kong Chopstick Factory. Why don’t you suck my fat white rod?” Narasaki told the Rogue Free Press. “It was very offensive but this guy thought he was funny.”

The Rogue Free Press then got involved and got in contact with a man at the bar named Brett Howard who claimed the sign wasn’t racist and started to verbally attack them.

“Are you a moron,” Howard said according to RFP. “Are you from around here? Are you even f**king married?”

Ken Narasaki’s experience at “Trophy Club Bar & Grill” went around social media resulting in the bar being hit with negative reviews on Yelp. Although Narasaki has been living in Los Angeles for the last couple of years he’s been spending more time in southern Oregon because his girlfriend lives there.

“I love it here, I really do,” he said. “And, I’ve met many great, friendly, and kind people. The scenery is something I’ve fallen in love with and I do feel at home here. But, the other day, I was reminded that there’s still some ugliness in the world.”

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