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Traders Joe’s is now selling UBE ice cream

Add this to the long list of reasons I love Trader Joe’s market. Trader Joe’s is now selling UBE ice cream. For those that don’t know what UBE is, pronounced ooh-beh, it’s a purple yam out of the Philippines which is used as a base for most Filipino desserts. Anyone who’s tried Filipino desserts like their cakes, candies, and jams knows how delicious they are. And if you haven’t tried some and can’t fly to the Philippines, head on over to a local Trader Joe’s and grab some UBE Ice cream before it’s sold out. The best part is that a 16fl oz (1PT) container will only set you back $3.

So what does a purple ice cream made of purple yam taste like? According to Trader Joe’s flyer, “It’s sweet & nutty-tasting, with hints of an almost coconut-like flavor; some liken it to a cross between vanilla & pistachio.” Additionally, it’s made from “real ube puree.” And the purple hue is not from artificial dyes, rather from “naturally derived ingredients like grape extract and beet juice.” This ice cream was definitely made for people to flex on Instagram.

ube ice cream
Trader Joe’s

That just sounds so mouth-watering that I’m going to run out the door after I finish this post to get me some. It’s for a limited time so get it while it lasts. It seems word got out that Trader Joe’s was selling UBE ice cream and customers who were lucky enough to get their hands on some are raving.

Normally, going to a supermarket can be a dreadful experience, but I do enjoy going to Trader Joe’s. They got a nice selection of affordable food and that staff is attentive. Contrast this with Whole Food’s where everything is expensive and the staff is meh. This is why Trader Joe’s was ranked the best grocery retailer for a second year by Dunnhumby’s “Retailer Preference Index (RPI).” Now with UBE, Trader Joe’s just keeps extending its lead.

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