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Toronto Raptors #1 fan target of racist tweet

It’s been a crazy last week for the Toronto Raptors. They beat the Milwaukee Bucks to become the eastern conference champions and the first Canadian team to enter the NBA finals. Throughout the eastern conference finals, Drake emerged as the biggest and most annoying fan of the Raptors but Toronto’s real number one fan is an Indian Sikh named Nav Bhatia. But being the number one fan can lead to unwanted jabs.

During the eastern conference finals, a Milwaukee Buck’s fan tweeted a disparaging remark aimed at Nav Bhatia. In a now-deleted tweet and profile, KJB30 wrote, “Who’s more annoying #Raptors fan? Drake, or the fat Indian guy with the underwear on his head?”

MP Raj Grewel caught the tweet and commented, “Hey @Twitter this tweet by @KJB30 is racist and should be removed. There is no place for this type of language in the @NBA or on Twitter. Also, I don’t know you @KJB30 but I welcome you to come to Toronto and meet @superfan_nav he’s one of the nicest guys in the game.”

This was met with an outpouring of Bucks fan who showed Bhatia love.

Twitter user @Batspy7 wrote, “You’re truly a class act, Nav!! Keep doing what you do, you’re an incredible representative and role model for all NBA fans!”

Barry Rothschild tweeted, “Kindness is always a better look than hatred. You’re more than welcome at the @FiservForum and in #milwaukee any time. Class act…even if your NBA allegiance is misguided ;).”

Nav Bahtia was overwhelmed with Buck’s fans having his back, he tweeted a thank you and praised them.

But Bhatia got something better than random Buck’s fans apologizing to him. According to the Huffington Post, the man that made that racist tweet contacted him and apologized.

“A negative thing has changed into a positive thing,” Bhatia told the Huffington Post.

The two promised that if Bhatia was ever in Milwaukee, they would get dinner together.

Nav Bhatia is the Toronto Raptors #1 fan without question. Journalist Muhammad Lila tweeted Bhatia’s incredible story. Bhatia immigrated from India to Canada in the ’80s with an engineers degree. However, he couldn’t get a job as an engineer so he got a job selling cars. He was so good at selling cars he set the record for most cars sold in 90 days by selling 127 cars. Saving money, he eventually bought a dealership then another.

Since 1995, he’s been a season ticket holder and never missed a home game. What’s more amazing is that the 67-year-old Sikh will spend over $300,000 a year to send poor kids to Raptors games. Muhammad Lila puts it best, “He’s not just a guy from Toronto. He *is* Toronto.”

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