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Tokyo public schools will stop forcing natural non-black hair students to dye it

Public schools in Japan will stop forcing natural non-black hair students to dye their hair black. This comes after a naturally brown haired Japanese girl sued the school system after she was forced to dye her hair black to conform to the school dress code, reports Sora News 24. The dress code mandates all students must have black hair. The 18-year-old high school student recalled how dying her hair for school damaged her hair and scalp. Interestingly enough, schools in Japan have a no dye policy to prevent their students from having non-black hair.

Although the majority of Japanese people have black hair, there are a few that have black hair with a brown tint. This can cause some trouble as Japanese society demands conformity. Anything that isn’t considered blending in is standing out and is considered a distraction.

The head of children and family advocacy NPO Florence, Hiroki Komazaki said, “Students are encouraged to have black hair to serve as a visible signal that they are willing to adapt to society and so educators may recommend it when thinking about their students future employment prospects. Companies and society must also change their way of thinking.”

Komazaki submitted a petition signed by nearly 20,000 people to the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education asking them to stop forcing non-black hair students to dye their hair. The board has agreed and will no longer request students with naturally non-black hair to dye it.

“We will not direct students with natural non-black hair to dye their hair black,” Seiichi Sato, the High School Educational Guidance Section head, said.

As for the Osaka student suing the school system, her case is still pending. But she’s asking for 2.2 million yen ($19,000) for the damage of dying her hair and the bullying she received in the hands of her teachers.

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