Christoper Yang/Linda Chang/Allison Chang
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Three innocent Fresno Hmong family members killed in street racing accident

Tragic news as three innocent people died on Saturday after they were struck by a speeding car in Fresno, California. According to the Your Central Valley News, Hmong family members Allison Chang, 17, and her two cousins, Linda Chang, 21, and Christopher Vang, 27, were killed when 18-year-old Irvin Villarreal crashed his car into their car. Villarreal also died in the accident. Three others were hospitalized.

Police said on Saturday around 11:40 pm on Bullard and Palm avenues a black Mustang and a Chevy Camaro was racing down the street. The two cars were going 75 mph when a motorcyle cop noticed them. The cop pulled over the Camaro but the Mustang took off. Villarreal was driving the Mustang and going at least 100 mph when he ran a red light and crashed into a compact car and a white truck.

Inside the white truck were Allison Chang, Linda Chang, and Christopher Vang along with two others. Allison, Linda, and Christopher died while the two others were hospitalized. The person in the compact car was also hospitalized. One of the survivors in the truck will need spinal surgery.

“The day after Christmas, having three people, three innocent people killed is just wrong,” Fresno City Councilmember Mike Karbassi said.

Two Gofundmes have been set up to help the grieving family. One by Karbassi and the other by Allison’s best friend.

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