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This three-year-old is a math genius

Math is a difficult subject. Actually, it’s pretty easy in the beginning then algebra comes along and destroys any confidence gained in the subject. When letters and numbers start mixing, your fingers just won’t do. But a three-year-old half black and half Filipino kid most likely won’t have any problems with math. Aiden Blasian isn’t even in school but he’s killing the math game. His mother, Cynthia Adinig, 34, told the Daily Mail, Aiden is already doing math at a fourth-grade level.

This three-year-old kid out of Washington D.C has an affinity for math and science. Aiden Blasian’s interest in math became apparent after he learned to write at the age of two. “In my family we like math and sometimes we do math problems together,” Cynthia said. “One day my dad sent me a problem, Aiden saw the notes and started solving it.

“We started giving him problem after problem and he was answering everything correctly.

“We expect him to be at a fourth-grade level by the time he starts school.”

Normally, school starts at five years old, which means Aiden is two years away. But he’s already dabbling in algebra and he knows the digits of pi. Cynthia, who is a graphic designer, works with Aiden for hours in a day as he enthusiastically works problems out on his chalkboard.

“At the moment Aiden is learning more algebra to add increasingly bigger numbers,” Cynthia said.

And it’s not just math he’s killing it in. He’s also got science and chess locked down. He’s memorized the periodic table and regularly beats adults in chess.

“He also decided he would learn the periodic table, so I had to learn it too,” Cynthia said. “Whenever he gets into a new subject he immediately gets really hooked.”

To check out more pictures and videos of Aiden Blasian, check out his Instagram page.

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