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This Korean girl made the catchiest song of 2020

Singer Su Lee went from being unknown to sort of being known after she dropped her song “I’ll Just Dance.” The catchy song caught the attention of Redditors after Lee posted the music video on the subreddit r/videos. Soon it was being madly upvoted and reached the front page, reports Stuff In LA.

“Hi guys. I’m Su Lee,” the text message flashes as Lee awkwardly bobs her head. “I wrote this song when I was having a lil crisis. It’s called I’ll Just Dance … hope it helps you shimmy a little during some confusing times.”

Su Lee is 23 years old and was born in South Korea. She was classically trained as a cellist when she was young but never thought of pursuing a music career until recently. After she graduated from Falmouth University in England in graphic design in 2019 she decided to move back to South Korea to try the music thing out full time.

But up until “I’ll Just Dance,” Lee had little luck. She already posted 70 other songs but none gained traction. So it’s no surprise how happy was to see her song “I’ll Just Dance” take off and go viral.

“To be really honest to you,” Lee told Stuff In LA. “I did s**t myself a little bit.”

She records her “pop music on speed” in her room which is about the size of a small bathroom according to Lee. She has to fold her mattress just to work on her desk.

And the sound she’s creating in her small room is a mix of lo-fi and modern pop.

“It’s everything you can expect from indie pop,” she said. “It’s more hyped, more exaggerated, and more experimental.”

Although her small taste of success is welcomed, Su Lee is hoping for more. At least something that’ll help pay her bills and have a “presence” that’s bigger than her room.

“That can mean world tours,” she said. “That can also mean making really fun merchandise for people to just kind of wear as a statement. Or, I don’t know, I could be in a feature film: like, Napolean Dynamite, the Asian version. I want to eventually explore ways that I can spread this message of owning myself in ways that’s much bigger than just music.”

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