There’s a new Korean Marvel Superhero called “Taegukgi”

South Korea has a new Marvel superhero and he’s rocking the South Korean flag as his costume. According to Allkpop, the name of the superhero is “Taegukgi” which means “supreme ultimate flag” in Korean. It is also the name of South Korea’s flag.

The Korean superhero will premier in the latest episode of “Taskmaster.” Written by Jed Mackay, he retweeted a Previewsworld tweet announcing a first look at the latest episode. If you click through, it will take you to screenshots of the comic, and lo and behold “Taekgukgi” is there.


Apparently, Taskmaster is in South Korea to clear his name. But he encounters South Korea’s national superhuman espionage agency.

People had mixed feelings about the character. Some hoped the character would get popular so he could reappear while others were not too amused by his costume and name.

But the most interesting part came when the U.S Embassy in Seoul tweeted about “Taegukgi” and asked what his superpowers would be.

But the prize goes to Cindy Dawon Kim who pretty much summed up the new Korean Marvel character.

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