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The Hollywood Reporter mistakes Joel Kim Booster for Bowen Yang

This week Saturday Night Live announced their newest members and Bowen Yang was one of them. The Chinese-American writer became the first full East Asian to join SNL. Many came out and congratulated Yang on his achievement. The entertainment magazine the “Hollywood Reporter” decided to do a write up on Yang but they made a small mistake. The picture they used wasn’t Yang but rather another stand-up comic Joel Kim Booster.

bowen yang
Bowen Yang

“Get to know #SNL’s newest cast member @bowenyang,” the Hollywood Reporter tweeted out with a picture of Joel Kim Booster.

It didn’t take long for the internet to call out the Hollywood Reporter.

Comedian Jen Kwok tweeted, “Sadly this is not the first time this year that Asians have been misidentified by Hollywood this year. THR also recently ran the wrong photo for the Emmy-nominated Asian female director of Fosse/Verdon. Something is seriously wrong here for it to keep happening like this.”

It didn’t take long before the Hollywood Reporter took to Twitter to issue an apology and remove the photo.

“A previous tweet by THR about new SNL cast member Bowen Yang contained an incorrect image due to a photo error. THR has deleted the tweet and apologized for the mistake.”

Oh brother, when will people learn.

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