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“The Great British Bake Off” called out for mixing Asians

Who knew the calming and relaxing show “The Great British Bake Off” could be the reason for so much drama. The latest episode of the show became the center of a social media storm after its bakers mixed up Asians. According to the Republic World, the theme of the latest episode was Japanese Week to celebrate cuisines from the country. However, several contestants forgot about authenticity and added Chinese and Indian flavors resulting in people calling it “borderline racism.”

The show asked its contestants to make Kawaii cakes, bao buns, and matcha mille-feuille. People were upset with some of the food blunders including putting Tumeric and “Chinese stir fry” in panda-shaped buns. One contestant on the show can be heard saying they were cooking “more Chinese inspired than Japanese.”

“Absolutely cringing at the casual racism/lack of understanding about the cultures of east Asian tonight on #GBBO,” one tweeted.

“This racist a** “Japanese week” episode of #GBBO being: Bao (Chinese food), Kawaii Cake (not a thing!), Matcha Mille Feuille (fair enough) Imagine being this much of a flop when Japan has so much delicious cuisines. Plz try harder,” another tweeted.

“Erm so this is actually awful,” another tweeted. “I know the Japanese enjoy sharing their culture but when you allow bakers to make “Chinese inspired food” in Japanese week that is not culture sharing but racism. Especially given the history between the two countries. Insulting all around.”

“I had hopes for Japanese week but generalising all Asian food with Japan feeds the racist narrative that all Asians are the same, which is not cool in any time but especially not as East Asians are being racially abused due to Coronavirus,” another said.

Well there it is. Another day, another outrage. Who knew it would have come from The Great British Bake Off.

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