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The government of Malaysia apologizes for telling women to “avoid nagging” husband during coronavirus lockdown

Malaysia, like most of the world, is on lockdown due to the coronavirus. This means relationships are being tested as people are locked in with their significant others during these extra stressful times. Consequently, people should be a lot more mindful of themselves and try not to get on each other’s nerves. But asking only one gender to be responsible for the sanity of the house may be asking too much. That’s why the government of Malaysia has apologized after it recommended women not nag their husbands and wear makeup to keep peace in the home.

According to The Guardian, Malaysia’s women’s ministry sent out a post on Facebook telling women how to act towards their husbands during the lockdown which didn’t go over so well. Some of the suggestions that the women’s ministry urged for women to do was to “avoid nagging” their husband, to wear makeup, dress neatly instead of casual clothes, and to imitate the squeaky voice of Doraemon, a popular Japanese robot cat. It seems counterproductive to ask women to do a squeaky voice and not nag their husbands but that’s not important.

What is important, is that Malaysian women got mad and took to social media to air out their anger.

“How will dressing up and putting on makeup at home [prevent] Covid-19? Pray, tell?” one commenter said.

The government of Malaysia ended up deleting the Facebook post and issuing an apology. They explained that the advice was to help maintain “positive relationships among family members during the period they are working from home,” and pledged to “remain cautious in future.”

Domestic abuse is a serious problem in the world. And during these hard times, a lot of women are stuck in their homes with their abusers. Malaysia set up a helpline for vulnerable people including domestic abuse victims to call and get aid. The helpline has seen a 50% increase since the coronavirus lockdown.

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