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The Bachelor contestant Taylor Nolan receives backlash over old racist tweets

Biracial Bachelor contestant Taylor Nolan is under for some old tweets that resurfaced. In the old tweets made in 2011 and 2012, when she was a teenager, she made fun of Asians, Jews, fat people, and the LGBTQ community. Fans of the show were quick to call her a “hypocrite” because she considers herself a social justice warrior and has called out other contestants for their past problematic behavior, reports Screen Rant.

Here are some of her past tweets.

“Indian guys: please shower before hitting the club or coming anywhere near me #thanks.”

“When you see a very ugly Asian dressed very poorly running across campus…with her backpack on wheels.”

“you literally cannot understand anything that Chinese lady is saying doing your toes #englishplease.”

“my stomach looks like a little African child.”

“it’d be cool to have [sic] slaves. Not like black slaves! But like white slaves ya know?”

After the backlash, Nolan went on Instagram live and apologized and explained herself in a 30 minute video.

“My tweets from ten years ago are shitty, they suck, they were wrong, and are hurtful. I want to be clear that they don’t take away from the work I do today, they are literally how I got here to doing this work. If you’re gonna take the time and energy to scroll through ten years of my tweets then please take your time to listen to this video. I never deleted those tweets for a reason because they’ve been a part of my ~journey~ since way before going the bachelor. I didn’t need anyone to call those things out to me to know they were wrong, I’ve been doing that work on my own for the last ten years and its the same work I do today and the same work I will continue doing for the rest of my life…”

But the apology did not hit like Taylor Nolan wanted it to. Instead, it created another stir where people were upset her apology was self-centered. Consequently, Nolan issued a second apology where she said her first was not an “apology” but a “reaction” so she made an actual official apology, reports E Online.

“Yesterday’s response was a reaction and not an apology. I’m sorry I didn’t take a second to come correct. I owe you all an apology. There is no question or defending that every word of my old tweets are harmful, wrong, triggering, and incredibly upsetting to the communities that I identify with and that I support. I’m so sorry to the folks that were triggered and re-traumatized by seeing the hurtful words from my past … To the Asian, the Jewish, and BIPOC community, I’m sorry for how my words perpetuated unfounded and damaging stereotypes,” she wrote. “To those struggling with body shame and fatphobia, I’m incredibly sorry for my hurtful statements. You deserve so much better. I will continue to unpack and fight against the harm around fatphobia.”

The 27-year-old psychotherapist is now “deeply committed” to learn more so she can grow as a person. So there you go.

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