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Taiwanese singer R.chord Hsieh under investigation for saying weed cures coronavirus

A singer in Taiwan is in trouble for claiming marijuana kills the coronavirus. R.chord Hsieh He-Hsian said that he got the information from a Canadian and shared it on his Instagram, reports Asia One. Unfortunately, there’s no truth to that and it was flagged by the public. Authorities are now investigating Hsieh for violating the “Social Order Maintenance Act” which makes it illegal to spread rumors in Taiwan. Hseih explained that he thought the story was legitimate.

This isn’t the first time the 32-year-old singer/songwriter got in trouble with the law in connection to weed. Last year in December, his ex-wife Keanna Taiyh snitched him out to the police for his drug use. The police found 10 grams of marijuana in his home in New Taipei City and arrested him.

At the local police station, reporters asked him about his arrest. Hsieh said he supported the legalization of marijuana and made a heart gesture with his fingers.

Hsieh He-Hsian also turned himself into the police back in 2012 for his marijuana use. He told the police that he made his 2011 album “Growing Up” while high. Since then he’s been an advocate for marijuana use.

Marijuana is illegal in Taiwan and can result in up to three years in jail.

The coronavirus started in Wuhan, China and has spread to multiple countries. Nearly one hundred thousand has been infected and nearly three thousand people have died from it. It, unfortunately, cannot be cured by weed as some weed enthusiasts have proclaimed. But it can’t hurt to just smoke some to reduce the stress of hearing about this pandemic.

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