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Taiwanese people don’t want that American pork

Taiwan just opened up its country to American pork and people are not happy. According to CTV News, thousands of protestors took to the streets on Sunday to express their disapproval of U.S. pork imports. The protestors led by the Kuomintang party said the imports are a threat to food safety. American pork has traces of ractopamine. Farmers in the U.S. use the drug to promote lean meat in pigs. The drug is banned in the European Union.

In January, the previous long standing U.S. pork import ban in Taiwan will be lifted in Taiwan. President Tsai Ing-wen’s administration lifted the ban in August along with beef imports. The lift was a start in the bilateral trade agreement between Taiwan and the United States.

The protestors marched to the Presidential Office Building and demanded the ban be kept in place. One protestor said it was “unethical” to buy pork with ractopamine considering the buyer would not know if the pork was from Taiwan or the United States. Others said they wanted the ban to stay in place because ractopamine could hurt their kids.

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