songshan airport
Wikimedia/Taiwan News

Taiwanese airport offers pretend flights for those who miss traveling

For those in Taiwan who miss traveling, this temporary fix might be for you. According to Reuters, a Taiwanese airport is offering fake flights to people who want to feel like they are flying somewhere. Of course, they won’t actually be flying anywhere but this experience just might do for now.

On Thursday, Songshan Airport in Taipei rolled out its pretend flight experience. Over 7000 people applied to take part but only 60 were allowed on the first day. Passengers got a fake itinerary, which consisted of checking in, going through security, boarding and sitting on the Airbus A330 for thirty minutes, exiting the plane, having coffee and cake at an airport restaurant, and passing through immigration to “re-enter” the country.

During the thirty minutes on the plane, the airline crew spoke to passengers and went through their regular procedures. Passengers were also lectured on COVID-19 and the safety measures the airline took against it. The only big difference between a real flight and this simulation was that the airplane never left the ground.

Besides being a fun adventure for passengers, the airport used the time to show off renovations made while passengers were staying at home during the pandemic. Hopefully, the COVID-19 pandemic will be over soon so people could actually get on planes that fly and arrive at their favorite destinations.

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