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Taiwan fines idiot who broke coronavirus self-quarantine $33,000

The coronavirus is spreading all over the world and as good citizens of the world, we can all do our part and self-isolate. One male in Taiwan did not do his part in the fight against the coronavirus and now he’s being fined $33,000.

Taiwan is one of the few countries that didn’t see a large outbreak of the coronavirus because of their quick actions. They reduced overseas travel and monitored their arrivals before Wuhan in China was locked down. This helped them only see 195 infected in their country with new cases coming from people coming home from overseas. So the government is demanding any national returning to Taiwan to self-quarantine for two weeks. Not a hard thing to do but one idiot didn’t feel like it and now he’s paying the price.

According to the Hong Kong Free Press, the man was supposed to self-quarantine himself for 14 days after returning from Southeast Asia. However, the idiot decided to go partying in Taipei and was caught by police at a nightclub on Sunday.

Everyone that’s quarantined is monitored by GPS with police being alerted if they leave their apartment.

“Those who are caught going out to places that have big crowds and are not well ventilated will be sent to centralised epidemic prevention facility and fined Tw$1million($33,000),” the mayor of New Taipei City, Hou Yu-ih said. “It will not be soft-handed.”

Authorities penalized the man with the maximum fine because they found his actions to be “malicious.” Luckily for the man, he didn’t take public transport because that would have doubled his fine.

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