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Suspect who allegedly attacked Oakland Chinatown advocate charged

The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has charged 25-year-old James Lee Ramsey with assault and a hate crime for allegedly attacking an Oakland, Chinatown member. Ramsey is a parolee who has been convicted of criminal threats and brandishing a weapon for prior incidents, reports KTVU.

The latest incident took place on April 29th near 8th and Broadway. The Oakland, Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, Carl Chan was walking to a hospital to check up on an Asian assault victim when Ramsey allegedly ran up behind him and started yelling racial slurs.

“Foul words, either something bad word like Chinatown or Chinaman,” Chan said.

Chan said he was knocked to the ground but got up and took a picture of the assailant who was walking away before calling the police. Using the photo, police quickly arrested the suspect and Chan ID’d him. Chan suffered from minor injuries to his knees.

“I want to stand up strong and I want to make sure and continue my fight against this crazy attack,” Chan said.

Before Chan was attacked, he was on his way to see 68-year-old Hua Zhen Lin who was assaulted on an AC Transit bus by another rider. The assailant hit Lim with a cane unprovoked and luckily other riders intervened. Mr. Lin is out of the hospital but is still in pain from the attack.

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