sean holdip attacking noriko nasu
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Suspect who allegedly attacked Asian woman in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District arrested

Seattle police arrested a man who allegedly attacked a Japanese American woman and her boyfriend in the Chinatown-International District. 41-year-old Sean Jeremy Holdip of Brooklyn, New York allegedly struck Noriko Nasu and her boyfriend Michael Poffenbarger with a rock in a sock, reports Conan Daily. Authorities have not yet revealed what they plan on charging Holdip with.

On February 25, Nasu and Poffenbarger were walking in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District when Sean Holdip allegedly struck Nasu’s face with “a rock in sock” which knocked her out. He then allegedly attacked Poffenbarger by cracking him in the head with the weapon.

Poffenbarger called for help and pulled out a pocket knife but the suspect kept coming at them. The suspect said nothing during the attack. Luckily, good samaritans intervened causing the suspect to flee. Poffenbarger believes the suspect targeted his girlfriend.

“It was very very deliberate and really focused on her,” he said. “He definitely targeted her and hit her first. She got the most injury out of it. It was a pointed attack on her.”

Nasu who is a Japanese language teacher suffered from fractures to her face and broken teeth. While Poffenbarger who is a nurse had to get eight stitches on his head.

“I truly believe he was trying to kill us,” Michael told Komo News. “He hit her so hard (and) he hit me really hard. I was amazed at how hard he hit my head and it didn’t knock me out. I thought for sure, I had a skull fracture.”

Seattle Police said there is no evidence at this time the incident was a hate crime but they are still investigating.

“While police have not yet found evidence indicating the February attack was racially-motivate, the Seattle Police Department Bias Crimes Unit is investigating the incident,” the department said.

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