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Alameda County Sheriff's Office

Suspect arrested for allegedly assaulting 75-year-old Asian man leaving him brain dead in Oakland, CA

UPDATE – According to Kron 4 News, the suspect has been identified as 26-year-old Teaunte Bailey from Oakland. According to KPIX reporter Betty Yu, Bailey was arrested after a high-speed chase.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Oakland Police said Bailey has a history of victimizing Asian elders. Prosecutors also filed charges against Bailey for a February 19th, 2021 robbery at a senior living center. He is accused of shoving a 72-year-old Asian man inside his apartment and stealing his phone and other items.

Authorities also said in June 2020, Teaunte Bailey assaulted and robbed two Asian elders at the same senior living center. He tried to grab Peiling Mai and Jianfeng Li’s belongings but a struggle ensued which caused Bailey to push both and repeatedly punch one of them in the face. He was arrested and convicted of felony assault and sentenced to 64 days and five years probation.

UPDATE 3-12-21 – According to NBC Bay Area News the victim Pak Ho has passed away. His three daughters were by his side at Highland Hospital. The suspect will be charged with “special circumstance murder,” first-degree robbery, and assault charges, according to documents from the District Attorney’s office.

Bailey hit Ho with a closed fist causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head on the pavement, according to the DA.

Oakland, CA police said they arrested a suspect who allegedly assaulted and robbed a 75-year-old Asian man leaving the victim brain dead. According to ABC 7 News, the incident occurred on Tuesday just before 7 am in Oakland’s Adams Point neighborhood near Lake Merritt. The police announced they made an arrest around 9 pm on Tuesday.

The Asian elder, who uses a cane to walk, was out on his usual morning walk in his neighborhood when witnesses said a brown truck with two people pulled up. One person got out, knocked the cane out of the elder’s hand, and shoved him to the ground. The suspect then took the elder’s wallet and phone, according to the police.

A witness called 911 after another witness screamed for hlep.

“We were like ‘what happened,’ and she said ‘he got attacked’ and I was like ‘he got attacked, call the police, call the cops,” the witness Felipe Carino told ABC News.

A woman that lives in the neighborhood said that the old Asian man is Chinese. She told CBS News San Francisco that for the past two years she saw the elderly Chinese man walking his morning route. But yesterday she saw him being loaded into an ambulance.

A friend of the victim’s family said the Chinese elder has been left in critical condition and brain dead from the assault. The victim does not look like he will survive much longer.

Asian elders in Oakland have been living in fear after the recent string of attacks against them.

“I am saddened to hear of yet another violent attack on the elders of our community,” Oakland Police Chief LeRonne L. Armstrong said, “The trauma this causes has a ripple effect, on the victim, their family, and the entire community. My officers are dedicated to bringing those involved in this senseless crime and all crimes to justice.”

Update – 3-15-21 -A second suspect has been arrested in connection to the crime. He has been identified as 56-year-old Elbert Britton and is allegedly the getaway driver.

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