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Survey finds 25% of Americans afraid to go to Chinese restaurant due to coronavirus

Not that you could go to a Chinese restaurant right now due to the lockdown, but a survey found that 25% of Americans had no intention of inhabiting a Chinese restaurant due to the coronavirus. That is according to a Stanford survey conducted by Pascal Geldsetzer MD, reports The Ladders. Geldsetzer conducted his survey which asked 22 questions to 2,986 Americans and 2,988 United Kingdom residents from all age ranges, genders, and ethnicities and found that people were susceptible to false news and conspiracy theories. Furthermore, people admitted to having prejudice against Asians due to the coronavirus.

According to the survey, 25.6% of Americans and 29.6% of UK respondents found it “prudent” to avoid Chinese restaurants due to the fear of contracting the coronavirus.

Another question asked respondents if they were an Uber driver would they pick up someone who was Asian. 29.7% of Americans and 40.8% of UK respondents said they would avoid Asian customers “sometimes, often, or always.”

Additionally, 29% of Americans and 24.4% of UK residents said they would be afraid to receive a package from China.

The research found that, “A substantial proportion of participants also expressed an intent to discriminate against individuals of East Asian ethnicity for fear of acquiring COVID-19,”

The paper found at the Annals of Internal Medicine, concluded by saying, “the general public in the United States and United Kingdom appears to have important misconceptions about COVID-19. Correcting these misconceptions should be targeted in information campaigns organized by government agencies, information provision by clinicians to their patients, and media coverage.”

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