leicester square asian victim

Streamer helps Asian man being assaulted and robbed

A streamer named Sherwin helped chase off an assailant who was assaulting and robbing an Asian man. The incident took place on Friday, April 9th at Leicester Square in London in the United Kingdom. Sherwin was live-streaming when screams of “help” were heard in the background. One of his watchers pointed out that maybe someone was getting attacked and Sherwin was off towards the direction of the screaming.


A half block away, an Asian man can be seen on the ground with his bike with the assailant on top of him. Sherwin scares the assailant off temporarily but the assailant comes back twice for some reason.

“Leave him alone,” Sherwin yells.

“Call the police,” the victims says.

In the video, the victim tells the operator that the assailant tried to rob him with a knife.

The victim was taken to the hospital and a police report was filed.

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