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Spam and Oreo burger? WTF McDonald’s China

McDonald’s in Asia is on another level with their burgers but the Spam and Oreo burger being served in China is just too much. Twitter user Daniel Ahmad posted pictures of the monstrosity that is the Spam and Oreo burger which set Twitter ablaze. Some questioned if it was even real and not just a photoshop hoax but it’s definitely real as evidenced by it appearing on McDonald’s China official website. The burger consists of cuts of spam topped with broken up chunks of Oreos covered in mayonnaise between two sesame seed buns.

The burgers will be going on sale on December 21st and only 400,000 will be made so get in line.

Why is the real question here? Although people love Oreos and people love Spam nobody in their right mind would think to put it together and disguise it as a burger. And Chinese netizens were also perplexed by the disgusting but probably tasty burger once you try it. Remember the donut burger?

Interestingly enough, Mcdonald’s wasn’t the only American restaurant company to put Oreos all nilly willy on their food. Pizza Hut China also made an Oreo Ice Cream Pizza for the Christmas holidays.

But this actually makes sense considering its ice cream but what’s going on in China with Oreos now?

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