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South Korea to give house plants to fight depression because of COVID quarantine

South Korea is trying something new to help people fight depression during the coronavirus pandemic. According to NBC News, the government of South Korea will be offering free house plants to those living in quarantine. They’ll start with 2000 “pet plant kits” and expand from there. The plants will also make its way to patients in hospitals infected with the coronavirus.

“We understand that the general public is suffering from feeling blue and fatigue because of drawn-out COVID-19 and some people are calling such state of mind ‘COVID-19 Blue,” the head quarantine official at South Korea’s Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure, Yoon Tae Ho told NBC News.

The indigenous plant being used is called Sanhosu or Coralwood in English. Plants in the country are used to “soothe the mind” and the green color represents healing. It will help people feel less lonely and get them moving because they need to be watered and tended to.

Lee Yong Kwon, the director of the forest education and healing division at the Korea Forest Service, told NBC News that the plants are a way to let people quarantined know that they’re appreciated for their sacrifice during these hard times.

Greenery is so healing, Lee said that the government has set up a “Forest Healing Program” for first responders. Areas of green spaces have been designated for first responders around the country so they can just destress and chill.

We need to do something like this in the United States. People are way too stressed out here. Forget meditation, let’s get some plants.

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