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South Korea ate a whole lot of fried chicken in 2020

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Even vegans love it. And if there is one country that truly loves fried chicken that’s South Korea. The country of around 51 million ate $6.8 billion worth of fried chicken last year, reports Hypebeast. Everyone was munching on that double-fried chicken as comfort food during the pandemic making companies a whole lot richer.

The three biggest fried chicken companies in South Korea is Kyochon Chicken, bhc, and Genesis BBQ. All three companies had a record year as people stayed in and ordered their delicious chicken. Kyochon earned $395 million while bhc and Genesis raked in $368 million and $322 million, respectively.

But most importantly, South Koreans should thank black people for fried chicken, at least according to Soffee Lee

“KOREANS ARE SO F**KING AMAZING AT FRYING CHICKEN BECAUSE BLACK AMERICAN SOLDIERS TAUGHT US HOW TO,” she tweeted causing a social media storm that backfired on her.

People were upset with Soffee Lee for linking her Ko-Fi after the tweet blew up. Also because she used all caps which is super annoying. Anyway, it seems Korean people came after her on Twitter which made her want to not claim her quarter Korean status.

That Korean fried chicken will make you crazy.

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