Charlie Hong owner of the Birdhouse
CBS Miami

Somebody stole $100,000 worth of pet birds from the Birdhouse

Sad news as a bird-loving businessman lost over 140 birds totaling around $100,000 overnight. According to WSVN, someone broke into the Birdhouse in Davie, Florida last Monday and took the pet birds. The owner, Charlie Hong came into work the next day and was devastated to see almost all his birds gone.

“They’re just like a dog and a cat,” Hong said. “They communicate with your body language, sound. I just love my birds. I thought it had been a nightmare.”

Some sneaky burglar came through the roof of the store. He or she cut a hole and entered through the ceiling after cutting the power and the alarm. Surveillance video from the store next to Birdhouse caught someone in the dark leaving the area with birdcages in hand.

“It’s like someone ripped the heart out of me,” Hong told CBS News Miami. “It’s my family, it’s my children. I love them.”

Hong arrived at his business to find only a couple of birds flying around. The bird thief didn’t just steal Hong’s birds but other peoples who left their birds in Hong’s care. The only good news is that Hong’s own pet bird Maui was left behind.

“They take everything away from me, last 15 years I put my work,” he told ABC 7 News. “This is my hobby as I started it. I made a business supporting my family. Whoever is out there took my dream away.”

Hong owns the business with his wife. The two have two sons together. Hong and his friends have put together $10,000 as a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

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