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Snake bites man, man bites snake to death

A man in India bit a snake to death after it bit him. Raj Kumar was drunk in his home in Uttar Pradesh in North India when a snake entered his premises. For some reason, the snake bit the man, reports The Guwahati Times. Consequently, Kumar grabbed the snake and bit it to death by tearing it apart.

“My son was drunk,” Babu Ram, Raj’s father said. “A snake had entered our home and bit him. He later bit the snake to pieces.”

man bites snake to death
The Guwahati Times

Raj Kumar was rushed to the local hospital in critical condition. “This is especially weird,” Raj’s doctor, NP Singh said, according to World Of Buzz. “I’ve seen people coming in with snakebites, but never somebody who bit a snake and then brought it with him in a bag.

“I misunderstood as the snake bit him. His condition is serious and has been referred to another hospital for treatment.”

After some investigation, authorities believe that a rat snake bit Raj Kumar. Luckily for Kumar, the rat snake isn’t venomous.

But that doesn’t mean Kumar is out of the woods. He’s in the hospital in serious condition and can’t afford the treatment. “We are unable to afford the expenses of his treatment,” Babu Ram said.

As for the snake, Kumar’s family cremated it after the incident.

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