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Singapore becomes first country to approve sale of lab chicken meat

Singapore just became the first country to sell lab-grown meat. According to SCMP, Eat Just Inc. was given permission by the government to sell its lab-created chicken in the country. The meat was created with animal cells meaning no chickens were slaughtered.

“We want Singapore to be the focus of our manufacturing globally,” Josh Tetrick the CEO of Eat Just Inc. said. “They’re just really forward thinking in building an enabling environment for this kind of work.”

The cultured meat will premiere as a chicken bite covered in breading under the GOOD Meat brand. Tetrick said it tastes as good as chicken and will be priced similarly. However, he said prices will come down as the company gets bigger.

“Eventually we want to get to the place where it is significantly more cost-effective than conventional production,” he said. But that’s going to take a while considering how cheap chicken can be.

For now, the lab chicken meat will be on sale at just one restaurant in Singapore but expansion in the future is inevitable. Eat Just Inc. is partnering with Singapore’s Food Innovation and Resource Centre to make the lab meat.

Singapore is on board with the lab meat because the country does not want to rely on other countries for their food. Right now, they produce around 10 percent of their own food but hope to get that up to 30 percent by 2030.

The lab-grown chicken meat is also a more humane and environmentally way of eating chicken which will gel well with animal activists. Eat Just Inc. is currently submitting their lab-grown beef hoping to sell burgers in the country by next year.

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