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Simu Liu responds to backlash over deleted Mark Wahlberg tweet

Actor and star of Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings,” Simu Liu has responded to the backlash he received following a deleted tweet about Mark Wahlberg. This all started after news broke that Liu would co-star with Wahlberg in the movie “Arthur the King.” Many on social media brought to Liu’s attention that he once tweeted “Let me get this straight, Mark Wahlberg beat a helpless Vietnamese man with a stick until he passed out when he was 16, and is attempting to get the courts to grant an official pardon on the basis that he’s “turned his life around?” So it didn’t seem right that Liu would work with Wahlberg and instead of addressing this, he deleted the tweet which pissed people off more.

Wahlberg was convicted of assaulting two Vietnamese men while high on PCP in 1988. When cops arrested him, Wahlberg referred to the victims in racial slurs. He spent 45 days in prison for the crime.

Caught up in a social media storm, Liu addressed his critics on Instagram. He said he took the job on “Arthur the King” because he absolutely “adored the script.” As for the deleted tweet, he said it was a gesture of professionalism to have progressive conversations to facilitate positive change. Check out his whole explanation below.

“So I guess this is happening on Twitter right now?

Some thoughts below:

I signed on to Arthur the King because I absolutely adored the script, which tells the beautiful story of how a dog changed the lives of four adventure racers in the forests of Ecuador. Especially having been a dog dad until last year, it hit me straight in the feels. I was and am very passionate about bringing this story to the screen, and playing a character that is undoubtedly a positive representation of an Asian man.

I deleted a couple of tweets I made regarding the past actions of one of my costars as a gesture of professionalism and to open to door to progressive conversations and (hopefully) positive change. Obviously it’d be pretty weird to go to work with that tweet still up. I meant what I said in the moment; I was very angry hearing about what happened. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think there’s room to grow and work together to find an opportunity to educate and do some good- which I’m excited to do in addition to shooting the movie. Progressive discussion will lead to dialogue, and dialogue will lead to action.

Anyway; hope everyone is staying safe and healthy this holiday! Trying to stay positive in an otherwise jubilant and celebratory time, and I just wanted to share my thoughts.”

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