hammer attack at Quality Inn in Brooklyn, New York
CBS New York News

Sikh man attacked with hammer in Brooklyn

A 32-year-old Sikh man was attacked with a hammer in Brooklyn, New York on Monday, April 26th, reports CBS New York News. Surveillance video caught the incident where Sumit Ahluwalia can be seen getting struck in the head with a hammer by his assailant who followed him into the Quality Inn hotel in Brownsville. Ahluwalia works at the hotel as an operations manager.

“He pulled out the hammer from his bucket and bang on my head with such intensity,” Ahluwalia said.

He said the man spat on his face three times after he came into the hotel and started yelling at him and his front staff. He believes he was targeted because of his turban.

“I came moving back and said, ‘Hey brother, what happened?’ [He said,] ‘You’re not my brother. You’re not the same skin. I don’t like you,’” Ahulawalia said.

Luckily for Sumit Ahluwalia, his turban absorbed most of the impact preventing him from suffering from severe injuries. He did however suffer minor injuries to his head and will be okay. But the incident has left the father of two who immigrated from India just three years ago shaken.

sumit ahluwalia
CBS New York News

“Now I’m feeling scared somehow … Now when I’m going to work, when I’m walking, I have some fear, like maybe someone is coming,” he said. “Everyone comes to this country with new hope, but now there’s something, other feeling in the mind, like why, I didn’t say anything, why did this happen to me?”

Police are investigating the matter but the Sikh community wants the incident to be investigated as a hate crime. The Sikh community is asking for more awareness for anti-Asian hate especially after four Sikhs were killed in Indianapolis recently.

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