philip and precious nievas

Siblings killed by fleeing car in San Jose

A brother and sister were killed on April 26th in San Jose, California by a fleeing driver, according to police. The victims have been identified as San Jose residents 25-year-old Precious Nievas and 22-year-old Philip Nievas reports Mercury News. Police arrested 18-year-old Roberto Joseph Garcia and charged him with multiple counts related to the incident.

The incident occurred on Monday around 10 pm on the Lawrence Expressway near Mitty Way. According to investigators, a Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputy decided to pull over Garcia, who was driving a Honda Accord with a 17-year-old passenger, after he saw him switching lanes and making a U-turn without signaling. After the deputy turned on the lights but right before the sirens turned on, Garcia sped away, according to police.

The police said the Honda Accord ran a red light and hit a Toyota Camry with the Nievas siblings inside. The crash sent the Camry several hundreds of feet into a wall.

Police said the siblings died at the scene from injuries sustained from the crash. Garcia and the 17-year-old were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening but serious injuries.

Garcia is currently in the hospital with a broken back. He has been charged with two counts of murder, two counts of eluding police, two counts of having a loaded gun in the car, and a misdemeanor cannibus charge.

A Gofundme has been setup to help Nevias’s family out during these tragic times.

“It broke our hearts to learn that neither of them survived the accident. They were both extremely young with many dreams. Many describe Precious and Philip to be very kind and down to earth. Precious was very caring for her little siblings and was like a mother figure to them after they lost their mom at a young age. Precious has a sweet smile that many people will not forget. Philip was a quiet person who loved playing video games, but when people get to know him they see that he is a funny and sarcastic person with a very soft heart.”

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