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Second store owner who was shot in robbery passes away

The co-owner of T&N Market in Mount Dora, Florida has passed away after being in critical condition from being shot. This comes after his wife and co-owner of the store also died from being shot during the robbery. The couple, Khiem Ba Trinh (Ken) 56, and Minh Nguyen (Tina), 47 were closing up their store on Monday evening when a robber with a gun approached them, reports Click Orlando. Surveillance caught the robber with a gun run up on Khiem who was outside his store and force him back in.

When authorities arrived at the scene they found the two victims behind the register with multiple gunshot wounds. Minh Nguyen was pronounced dead at the scene while Khiem Ba Trinh was airlifted to the hospital where he was put on life support. He, unfortunately, passed away on Thursday.

Police have now said the case is a double homicide. They are asking the public for help in identifying the suspect and are offering up a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

“Together in our community we can solve this crime, we can bring the perpetrator to justice and we can begin our healing process,” Mount Dora Interim Police Chief Brett Meade said.

khiem trinh and Minh Nguyen
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A Gofundme has been set up to help pay for the medical bills and funeral costs for the victims. According to the Gofundme, the parents leave behind two sons.

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