chiling lee

San Francisco postal office employee stabbed five times while walking home

An Asian man was stabbed multiple times while walking home in the evening in the Bayview neighborhood in San Francisco, California on Saturday around 10:30 pm. 53-year-old Chiling Lee told ABC 7 News, that he was coming home from work as a postal office employee when he was attacked and robbed. Lee was stabbed five times in his body and head. He suffered from a broken rib and punctured lungs. Luckily he will survive.

“I didn’t pay attention,” he said. “The guy came to attack me. So fast.”

During the attack his wife and son intervened but the attacker took off with Lee’s backpack.

A Gofundme has been set up to help Chiling Lee pay for his medical bills and lost wages from time off from his job. The family hopes to move out of the area but unfortunately, the rent’s too high in other areas. They will be working on saving up money to buy a car so that Lee will not have to take the bus and walk home anymore.

“During the incident, he was stabbed multiple times all over his upper body, including his face. He is currently in the hospital recovering from the wounds and grateful there are no serious injuries that he suffered. The funds raised will go to support the medical costs that will incur and any expenses that will arise to aid in his physical recovery along with lost wages from time off needed from his job at the United States Postal Service. We thank you for your kindness,” the Gofundme said.

The residents in the area are getting fed up with violence and expressed their frustration at a virtual press conference hosted by the SFPD.

A day after Chiling Lee was stabbed, two Asian women ages 61 and 71 were attacked and robbed in the area of Bacon and Holyoke and Somerset. One of them was robbed at gunpoint.

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