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San Francisco nurse goes viral for educating public about coronavirus with dance videos

A San Francisco nurse is dancing her way to fame during the coronavirus outbreak. Miki Rai, 23, is getting tons of likes and followers on her TikTok for her informative messages about the coronavirus, reports the Daily Mail. Rai who is a pediatric intensive care unit nurse is also advising her fans about the extremely tough working conditions she and other healthcare workers are facing.

“I’m a trained pediatric intensive care unit nurse,” she said. “I received my nursing degree from the UCLA School of Nursing in 2018.

“The healthcare profession has been absolutely swamped with an increase in the volume of patients. Routine check-ups and non-emergent procedures are all being re-scheduled during this time to prevent any unnecessary contact.

“It’s incredibly humbling to be part of a profession where we can be on the front-line, supporting patients and families through an incredibly difficult time.

“Although there is a lot of uncertainty, there is also a lot of hope as we see more research and data shared throughout the world. Scientists are hard at work trying to develop a vaccine.”

Miki shared that medical workers are running low on personal protective equipment (PPE) due to the shortage of masks. Incredibly, her colleagues were asked to re-use the same masks for a week. Which amounts to about three-twelve hour shifts. Even the CDC has acknowledged the mask shortage and asked medical workers to use “homemade masks” like scarves and bandanas which Miki said is “absolutely ridiculous.”

Furthermore, to make matters worse, Miki said she and her colleagues are having a hard time getting groceries due to hoarding.

“Sadly, I’ve also experienced empty grocery store shelves,” she said. “In the United States, we are incredibly lucky that our country’s infrastructure is still intact … It’s great to have a two-week emergency supply on hand but beyond that, there is no need to hoard supplies.”

So everyone listen to Miki Rai on how to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak, watch her dance, and stop hoarding so she can get some fresh food.

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