Albert Hsieh and Justin Erfort
Kron 4

San Francisco man screams anti-Asian slurs at gay couple

A man was caught on camera following a gay couple and racially harassing them on Market Street in San Francisco on Sunday, reports Kron 4. The couple Albert Hsieh and Justin Erfort said they were walking down the street when the man started following them and going on an anti-Asian tirade.

Here are some statements the man made that can be heard on video.

  • “I will whoop your a** and his worthless a**.”
  • “Asian piece of s**t.”
  • “I don’t like you f**king Asian mother f**kers in my country.”
  • “They attacked pearl harbor on Sunday morning”

Luckily, the couple was not harmed and was able to get away from that man at a local hotel.

“His comments were pretty low. He was very racially motivated so he said that Asians don’t belong in this country. He served in the Navy and events like Pearl Harbor are reasons why Asians are not welcome,” Albert Hsieh said. “Being a San Francisco native it’s disappointing. I’m angry. I’ve been here for over three decades and I love this city a lot but I didn’t expect that. I know that San Francisco is better than that. The attacker honestly, we just didn’t expect it. We were just minding our own business.”

Hsieh and Erfort wanted to speak up because they were concerned about the rising anti-Asian hate in this country.

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